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USB Caller ID

CTI Comet USB Caller ID (Hardware Only)

Picture of CTI Comet USB Caller ID (Hardware Only)

The CTI Comet USB is a Caller ID unit with USB connectivity.

It is a Caller ID device for decoding the Caller's telephone number from the telephone line and presenting it on a virtual COM Port of a PC. This product is powered entirely from the USB port. This is a hardware only product and can be used with your existing software to create a fully integrated call management solution.

The CTI Comet USB creates a virtual COM port on the computer that can be connected to in the same way as the CTI Meteor Plus.

Having carried out a survey amongst the users of the CTI Meteor Plus we have streamlined the design and only included the features that our customers actually wanted. This has resulted in an even more reliable unit at a lower cost.

The CTI Comet USB is a simple Caller ID product. It does not have Dialled Digit Detection, On/Off hook monitoring or Call Recording features of the CTI Meteor Plus.

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